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The Predator’s Aftermath Scene is Probably Paying Tribute to (Spoiler)

*WARNING! Major spoilers for The Predator ahead*

Well, if you have made it to the point where Quinn McKenna collects bits of belongings from his fallen “loonies” comrades to remember them, you probably would have forgotten one thing, too: what is it that is of such importance that the normal (read: fugitive) Predator risked its life to bring it to planet earth? Because of how chaotic the events and scenes leading to the final resolve are stitched together, I completely forgot this crucial point. Well, for sure I did, until it was narrated that somehow, they did manage to retrieve the package. And suddenly my excitement went out of the roof. This is the moment we all have been waiting for, right? 

It started with Quinn getting all dressed up in his official military outfit, visiting his son Rory, who surprisingly, seems to be working in what appears to be a government science lab. From what the scenes were telling me, he is at the very least, a translator of the Predator language. It all seems happy and well at first, and then the camera teases you and draws you closer and closer to the package that they are referring to.

I swear that the ongoing scene brought such suspense that I virtually felt my neck elongating, resulting from my pathetic reaction of trying to “peep” into the screen. Then, it caught my eyes that it is actually a pod, and at the corner of it, a label read “POD 03”. Yikes! Did Rory did that? Or the Predator purposely labeled it that way so that humanity can understand it? So many questions were floating in my mind, and I just didn’t manage to digest them all, because, the pod was opening!

Okay, stop! Right at this point, the fugitive Predator’s gift to humanity could have been:
(1) Nothing. The screen can be cut abruptly before contents of the pod is shown. This will give so much flexibility to the future director to dictate the plot direction of the sequel
(2) Years of research on how the Predator race upgraded themselves, and their mastery in space travel, which humanity can harness to prevent extinction

No. None of these ever happened. Instead, an alien looking gauntlet flew out abruptly, latched itself to an unfortunate scientist (read: a fortunate extra) and transformed into what seems like a Predator themed Halloween suit designed by Stark Industries, complete with wing-like mechanical features overloaded with plasma guns. They even named the suit “Predator Killer”. With a gaping mouth, my mind frantically searched for any initial evidence that the humans need to fend off a battalion of Predators. The Predators foresee human extinction due to climate change, yes? Checked. They are coming more and more frequent to extract only the best humans’ DNA, before extinction, yes? Checked. Why the pod is hiding a customized Predator killing suit for humans is light years away from my comprehension. One thing that I know, for sure, is that when Quinn claimed, “That’s my suit right there”, my stomach was churning chaotically.

Had the unfortunate scientist been Tony Stark, things would have made a tonne more sense. After all, which character in Hollywood has the most colorful history and romance with flying gauntlets that zoom from miles away, attaching to the target’s arms, and transforming into an assault-ready mechanical suit? Thus, I conclude that the final scene in The Predator is nowhere close to paying tribute to any element of a previous Predator film, rather, it’s paying tribute to Shane Black’s recent work with Marvel, Iron Man 3.

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