Deadpool 2 with buddies Cable & Domino

Movie Review: Deadpool 2

What it is?

Deadpool 2 is a sequel to Deadpool, a 2016 superhero movie based on Marvel’s comic character of the same name. Unlike the Avengers franchise, it is distributed by 20th Century Fox, thus they do not share the same cinematic universe, at least not for now. Deadpool 2 is directed by David Leitch, whose most recent directorial works include John Wick (uncredited), and Atomic Blonde. Ryan Reynolds reprises his role as Deadpool, joined by Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, T. J. Miller, Zazie Beetz and Julian Dennison as members of the cast.


Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re going to watch Deadpool 2, do not turn up late for the movie. It has one of the best, if not the best intro of all Marvel films to date. It is also an important anchor point of the plot, and nails down the reason why Wade Wilson finds his superhero ability to be his greatest liability.

I am glad I turned up on time for the screening. My goodness! The way the story takes off. That accompanying soundtrack. The opening credits that followed through, with names plucked out of thin air, that makes perfect sense in a Deadpool movie. I was really blown away.

Yes, from the same studio that killed Wolverine and ended Hugh Jackman’s 17 strong-years of career as Logan/Wolverine, the Merc with a Mouth is back. Fans of the first film will know what their avocado looking superhero has to offer. But for those who missed out the first installment, be prepared for a barrage of jokes, quips, sarcastic remarks and insults from Wade Wilson’s rapid firing mouth. He’s not anywhere close to your ordinary superhero; handsome and well-mannered. To be exact, he is just at the other end of the spectrum. And that’s what makes watching Deadpool 2 fun in the first place. Enough of all the mouth-watering looks of Captain America, Thor or DC’s latest Superman; Deadpool 2 proves that a great superhero film can be prepared sans the good looks of its male casts.

So what is the winning formula?

To me, it’s definitely a combination of a talkative hero that has a tendency to break the fourth wall, fast paced action sequences, and awesome costume (plus make-up, for Wade Wilson’s case). For a start, breaking the fourth wall means the character in the movie addressing directly to you, the audience. Which then means that the “invisible wall” between you and  the movie is broken, and the fictional character gains awareness beyond his/her cinematic universe as much as you do. Yeah, Deadpool knows Patrick Stewart, Thanos and DC Extended Universe just like you do. He is a bigger movie fan than I am, and though it is embarrassing to admit, some of the pop culture that he quotes in the movie really got me scratching my head. And how does it help in the context of the film? For one, because he can basically reference anything in and out of the film, the scope of Deadpool’s jokes is limitless. You might burst into laughter in a snap without knowing what hit you. You have been warned.

Action sequences are relatively fast paced for a superhero movie, though you will still see somehow-predictable fight scenes here and there. But true to the Deadpool vibe, the trick under this installment’s sleeves lies in the occasional gore that will catch you by surprise. Nope, you can’t run away from that, given that Deadpool’s superhero ability is accelerated healing (and he often abuses that), and his core weapon being katana swords, there is no escape from scenes that will make you go “Eeww!”.

Deadpool 2 shower of bullets
Source: 20th Century Fox

Is it just me or Deadpool’s suit seems darker and more refined in the 2nd movie? A small subtle change or otherwise, it cannot be denied that the costume rocks, and is one of the most accurate Marvel costume translation ever from comic to film. Those sculpted shoulder pads, CGI eyes and tight fit around the ass just go incredibly well with the nature of the character. And no, even then he is not shy to show-off his unmasked avocado face to you throughout the film. That’s right, even his bruised, bleeding avocado face (kudos, make-up team!). Just like Logan, it makes the film far more believable than other superhero franchises, where the hero always spots a scratch-less glowing face directly plucked from GQ.

Then there’s Cable, who might be a newly seen adaptation on the silver screen, but possess a cybernetic arm that puts Winter Soldier to shame. His costume might not be as accurate as Deadpool’s on screen, but it does look very promising and suiting with Thanos. Sorry. Josh Brolin.

After you’re done with the movie, do not head over to the exit door right away. As with everything Marvel, Deadpool 2 has a scene tucked away within the ending credits. Again, breaking the fourth wall, what Deadpool can do when he possess a certain “tool” from Cable is extremely interesting and hilarious, it’s worth every single second of wait. Frankly, I consider the mid credits scene to be the true ending of Deadpool 2.


AV : Addict Verdict

Deadpool 2 is an extraordinary Marvel superhero film served to you fully packed with humor and enjoyable action sequences, sizzled with just enough scenes of gore to spruce up your taste buds. Endless jokes and insults thrown around based on references in and out of the movie makes laughing till you have tearful eyes a very possible outcome. It is starting to feel that Ryan Reynolds is irreplaceable as Deadpool, like how Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine. And if history is of any indication. Reynolds will enjoy a 17-years career as Deadpool until 2028.–The Film Addict