LeBron James Space Jam 2 New Jersey Uniform

LeBron James Previews New Jersey Design Heading For ‘Space Jam 2’

Space Jam 2 is ready to swaddle you in sweet 90’s nostalgia, and our freshest look yet into the upcoming film comes in the form of a new jersey design.

Yes, how can anybody even forget about Space Jam, the marriage of live-action and animated films starring Michael Jordan that came out in 1996? Michael Jordan finally found something that was actually challenging for him other than performing slam dunks and rising to the top of NBA in the 90’s, that was, to act like he was surrounded by cartoon characters from Looney Tunes. Of course, Jordan’s acting left much to be desired, and the film was even touted as a 90 minute commercial for Air Jordan sneakers, but to entirely dismiss the charms of Space Jam and the legacy that it leaves behind is easier said than done.

Enter Space Jam 2, or officially known as Space Jam: A New Legacy (eyebrow-raising, isn’t it?). After years of messing around with ideas like Race Jam or Skate Jam, Warner Bros finally came to their senses and went back to basketball as the main idea that drives Space Jam 2. This round, Looney Tunes will be joining hands with prominent Los Angeles Lakers player, LeBron James for some seriously comical basketball action. And who is better to reveal the jersey design for A New Legacy than James himself?

Via a tweet through the account of LeBron James Family Foundation, the star revealed himself all suited-up in a colorful jersey, ready to take on any cartoon aliens that threatens to invade Earth (by means of basketball, that is). Watch the short clip and the Twitter message, below:

Instantly, I could easily envision people going crazy over the bright-orange sneakers worn by James once Space Jam 2 hits the theaters. That aside, the newly designed uniform for Tune Squad is no slouch, either. It is good to see that they are still faithful to the gradient-colored rings, but at the same time gave the uniform an upgrade to look modern and aesthetically pleasing. If you cheekily make a comparison between this and Michael Jordan’s uniform from the first film, the latter will instantly look more 90’s than it has ever been:

Space Jam Michael Jordan Tune Squad full jersey
Source: Warner Bros

Obviously, the element of stripes going across the waist is missing in the new uniform, because it certainly does not want to suggest that it belongs to the 90’s, where everything is “worn high-up” at waist. Elsewhere, the ‘Tune Squad’ logo itself gets an upgrade, and other than two Nike logos, one LeBron James’ logo and one number ‘6’, no unwelcomed sponsorships have made their way into the jersey, as far as what we can see for now.

Interestingly, Space Jam 2 will feature a Marvel Cinematic Universe alum, Don Cheadle, or better known in-film as War Machine. The film is directed by Malcolm D. Lee, and LeBron James himself is co-producing together with Ryan Coogler (Black Panther) and two others. Not taking into account any possible pandemic interference or alien invasion, Space Jam: A New Legacy is currently slated for release on 21st July 2021.

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