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‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Trailer: Here’s the Good, the Bad, and the Outrageous

Godzilla vs Kong’s trailer is arguably the biggest trailer reveal of 2021 yet, but it is not only big in sheer size. Of course, Kong is a grown up now, and his towering figure is a testament that you can put on pounds of pure muscle while being confined in a small space (read: Skull Island), with little to no help from a fitness coach, so you should stop blaming the pandemic and the closure of gyms for looking like a starving caveman. Or a melted ice-cream. 

Yes, we have all been starved of big movie titles since Pandemic-20 started its world tour, and perhaps that is the reason why the trailer of Godzilla vs Kong is leaving a much bigger footprint than it should. Kaiju. Story reveals. Warbat. Kong’s weapon. I have lost count of the times that these headlines made their way into my social media feed. The sheer amount of articles spawning from that trailer alone proved that something substantial and interesting has finally emerged for film publications to write about. I can feel their hunger, and I wonder when was the last time that they had a nice, warm, cheeseburger.

Food aside, the trailer does certainly leave a lengthy trail of after-shocks to be talked about. There are good surprises, not-so-great reveals, and plenty of bold moves that could drive the audience crazy, for good or bad reasons. And here they are. 

The Good

Godzilla is definitely a good lizard gone bad in the trailer, and it shows, more so if you can recall a couple of scenes from Gareth Edward’s Godzilla (2014). Finally, finally, the great lizard can properly party at the world’s biggest cities without giving two hoots about human rights and hurting the humanity’s feelings. It definitely doesn’t need to worry about messing up your lawn or disturbing your children’s school anymore. 

One of the iconic scenes from the 2014 Godzilla is how the great lizard fully descends underwater and swims silently below a Navy ship to avoid impact. In Godzilla vs Kong’s trailer, the lizard can be seen passing through a fleet of these similar ships without even budging an inch, effectively slicing through one of those unfortunate ships with its jagged spikes. Ooops

This is clearly a fan service to delight viewers who have been following the giant lizard’s journey for seven years and counting, and even if that scene is not intentionally done to be perceived that way, I still think that any reference to the iconic moments of the 2014 film is a nice move, because there’s just so many of them. Good.

Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Godzilla Slicing through Navy ship
Source: Warner Bros

The Bad

As per The Film Addict’s prior post, it was reported that a menacing kaiju will make its way into Godzilla vs Kong, and we were able to have our first glimpse of that creature thanks no less to an Instagrammer who had decided to post the rear packaging illustration of a Godzilla vs Kong toy. The serpent-like Warbat — or Nozuki, as they have previously called it, — looks every single bit like a fearsome challenger that is capable of putting Kong and Godzilla’s brawl to an abrupt halt.

True enough, Warbat slithered into the released trailer, but instead of one, there’s two of them. Which instantaneously downgraded Warbat’s status from ‘rare and powerful’ to ‘abundant and weak’, and judging from how Kong effortlessly swings one around to hit another in the trailer, the Warbats have certainly deleted their social media accounts and gone into hiding out of disgrace. 

And they might have done that a long time ago. The narration that accompanies the Warbats scene says that “there was a war, and they (Kong and Godzilla) are the last ones standing”. The backdrop of the battle between Kong and those two serpent-kaijus looks to be somewhere in Skull Island, and if that’s the case, it means that Warbat(s) has been out of the game a long time ago. Sorry folks, it looks like a three-cornered wrestling match between Kong, Godzilla and Warbat ain’t happening after all. 

The Outrageous

I mean, of course, the whole thing is probably outrageous, because we are talking about a film with a 400-feet tall iguana, and his gorilla friend which is drastically shorter at about 399 feet. Still, there are things which are even more outrageous than giant creatures and ancient wars, and up until this hour, I couldn’t understand why I don’t hate the WWE-appropriate song that accompanies the trailer. It totally changes the vibe of the trailer from the midpoint onwards, and it is nothing like what we have seen with the first two movies. 

It screams “Look at me! I am in charge now, not the previous movies, you get it?” and as much as I feel threatened, I love it. If vibe is a describable and measurable factor, I hope that Godzilla vs Kong maintains as much vibe as possible from this trailer. It has been a while since we got our hands on movie trailers that can make us feel so good, and the last one was Wonder Woman 1984’s first trailer which came out like, one year ago? But you and I know what happened to Wonder Woman 1984, right?

It also appears that Kong doesn’t come empty-handed, and apart from his even-more terrifying size, he has some sort of a gift for the audience which is impossible to be tucked hidden behind his fur — a ‘battle axe’.  Yes, that giant ape brings a bloody axe into the premise. It is impossible not to chuckle at Kong for this, but further deep down, I still think that it is a cool idea, and the ‘battle axe’ is definitely not a convenient, disposable weapon — if any, the ‘organic’ materials used to build the axe will give you some sort of hint. 

Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Battle Axe
Source: Warner Bros

But hey, how well the audience will sit with the gigantic axe will pretty much depend on how the possibly-ancient weapon will be introduced. In any case, giving a little emphasis on its origins like Thor’s Stormbreaker will probably work, but saying that it is a discovered artifact that ties back to Greek Mythology will be sure to draw more laughter.

At this moment, I am simply hoping that Godzilla vs Kong will live up to its colossal hype that’s been generated, because no words can describe how hungry I am for an explosive, fun, and sensibly-written blockbuster. So starved, that I’ll just go and grab some cheeseburgers right now.  

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