Godzilla vs Kong feet on carrier

Godzilla vs Kong Toy Teases a Strange, Menacing Creature

You know what? Sometimes, in order to obtain valuable info that can drive the adults crazy, we need to look no further than what’s being offered to the kids. Sounds a little absurd, right? A released toy for Godzilla vs Kong might have done just that.

As fans and movie-goers worldwide were getting euphoric and bracing themselves for Godzilla vs Kong, disaster struck. It does not matter whether you are in the US, African or Asian continent, and as the pandemic looms, even a film as gigantic as Godzilla vs Kong was not spared. From push-backs.

After getting into a limbo of release dates, Godzilla vs Kong is now slated for release in 21st of May, 2021, in theaters no less. Fingers crossed, if everything proceeds smoothly, we will finally be able to experience the mayhem and destruction of the epic brawl between the top-two in Monsterverse next year.

As if there is a further need for me to emphasize, Godzilla vs Kong is likely going to be the final installment in the current franchise. Of course, if the film itself reaps in an enormous amount of cash, things might set sail for a new course, but from the way that we see it, Godzilla vs Kong is probably going to be the last stand-off between the two, for now.

And hell no, do not expect the two of them to have all the battleground for themselves, as there will inevitably be more titans and kaiju’s eyeing to get their chomps of blood. Or some additional giant lizard scales and gorilla hairs. All in all, it will be a high-stake kaiju wrestling match.

Thanks to Instagram user, Steve B (sb_toyz) we might have just caught a glimpse of our new kaiju challenger. You can view his Instagram post below:

Isn’t it beautiful? Of course, that Skullcrawler itself deserves some credit for terrifying the survivors in Skull Island, but if you could just gaze into the illustration of the box a little longer…

Warbat? Bingo. That peculiar silhouette has finally caught your eyes. The name Warbat can be rather confusing at first, because other than having “wings” the kaiju has almost zero similarity with a bat. Upon closer inspection, dude does not have a bat head either. Additionally, the “wings” look more like frills (akin to a frilled lizard) to me, and I truly doubt that it will have any flight capabilities when it finally gets unchained next year.

Naturally, the questions outnumber the answers that we have regarding this new creature, as yet. Is Warbat a product of nature, or a Frankenstein born under the creative hands of eco-terrorist group led by Alan Jonah? How big is Warbat compared to a fully-grown Kong? Or, is Warbat even the final name given to this fearsome creature? It is not overreacting to be suspicious, given that there have been earlier reports suggesting that a creature named Nozuki will appear in Godzilla vs Kong, and there has not been any discernible difference between those two.

All those lingering questions can only be answered when Godzilla vs Kong hits the theaters in May next year. In the meantime, if you see your neighbor’s kid playing with that Warbat figurine, snatch it, and study it. Quick.