There’s something about the cinema that keeps me coming back for more. Maybe it’s the cold and comfortable sensation lingering around my skin (I live in a hot climate after all). Or maybe it is because I enjoy laughing-at-people-laughing-at-the “funny” pre-screening cinema ads. You know, those ads that are supposed to be funny during the first millisecond that you see them.

But surely, there’s this special feeling about being disconnected from the outside world for hours or so, immersed in the world created by producers, directors, actors and crew alike, to become engaged in their storytelling. Each of these “worlds” feels different, some are magnificent, yet some are downright silly. Yeah, I get it, I might come across newscasters sitting beside me, seemingly narrating each and every move of the protagonist, like how National Geographic describes the daily lives of an African lion.

Sometimes I find myself sitting beside customers who pay premium to sit in a massage chair while enjoying the movie. Wait, are you telling me those aren’t massage chairs? It can’t be. I swear I can feel the vibration and thumping action coming from their seats throughout the movie. I thought they are having a good time. Maybe the next time I’ll just find out where the power cord is and take a photo as a proof.

However the movie-going experience turn out to be, I never fail to walk out of the cinema feeling satisfied. It feels that my… addiction, has been suppressed… temporarily. As I walk out of the cinema, I turn around, “Till next time, Ms Newscaster and Mr Massage Chair!”

The Film Addict was founded to give reviews of the  latest blockbusters in your “to-watch” list. The reviews can be a tool for you to decide whether a movie is worth watching (subjectively, of course), or you could better use those 90 minutes or so doing your lawn or sipping coffee at Starbucks. The reviews can also be a little bit of “diving into the movie” exercise. Which means that, I don’t want to spoil you, that I have to spoil you, that further contents in the reviews contain spoilers. That said, I’ll try my best to caution you in every review before you dive further into the furthest part of the contents. Think of it like Inception. Whether you are a casual movie-goer or film addict, I hope that you find The Film Addict useful and entertaining. So sit back, relax and enjoy.