The Film Addict serves the same purpose as films, movies, motion pictures, or whatever names that your culture or ancestors may refer them as; which is, to entertain.

Started off in 2018 as a site to publish periodical reviews of the latest movie-offerings from Hollywood, The Film Addict laughed, examined, cried, struggled, cheered, screamed, and finally, evolved into a site that publishes periodical reviews of the latest movie-offerings from Hollywood.

All our reviews are carefully constructed and written with a clear mind, free from the influence of alcohol or other harmful substances, like in-law’s advice, or our pets’ opinions regarding any particular motion picture. To make way for those reviews, all movies (except the likes of Netflix originals), are consumed in the nearest theaters in our locality, and, like you, we are subjected to incorrect ticket purchases, occasionally long lines at the entry of cinemas, smelly toilets, and even free samples of perfumes courtesy of the individuals sitting next to us.

Again, like you, we regularly order large popcorn sets that we can’t finish, drinks that give us bad breath for the entire movie, and snacks that magically fall onto the floor (and become a healthy diet for pests). Except that, the food that we have been consuming and the theatrical experience that we have been enjoying do not technically belong to us, yet; they are a product of marginally successful credit card application, generous and kind-hearted financial institutions, and accruing interests.

Still, nothing hinders us from bringing to you the latest film industry news that matters (that is a new addition, by the way), and movie reviews crafted with the strictest adherence to The Film Addict’s principles and style. We have a strict policy on spoilers, and all our reviews were, are, and forever will be spoiler-free unless explicitly stated in the beginning. We strive to distance ourselves from movie reviews that babbles spoilers indefinitely at readers, because we do not take pride, and honestly, could not afford, to compensate our readers for smashed screens.

We would rather see our readers spending their hard earned money on movie tickets, and to some extent, VOD subscriptions, to keep the film industry alive and afloat, and to empower both filmmakers and studios to gain ambition and undertake bigger projects. However, based on our film screenings and our primitive algorithm, we will try to caution our readers through our  reviews if we would to come across films that we deem having poor yield of emotional returns, whenever necessary.

If you have been a frequent visitor to this site and cinemas since 2018, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to you and hope that your contributions to the film industry will spawn even more epic films and epic directors within the next decades. Even so, it hurts to report that any effort by our team to seek funding from financial institutions to reward our readers for their loyalty has been met with bursts of laughter, gaping mouths, or sometimes, both.

If you are new here, do check out our Memes section for film-related memes that we thought was funny, or browse through the Movie News section to see if there is any movie in development that intrigues you. Either way, do sit back, relax, and enjoy.